Canadian-owned Family Business since 1972

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We pride ourselves on our customer service

Carefree Bathing (Canada) Inc. is a family-owned, Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario with more than 40 years experience in renovating bathrooms.  After receiving many requests from our customers to make bathing easier, safer and more convenient, we are pleased to offer these innovative and practical bathing options all across Canada.


We are proud to offer only the best products to our discerning clients. All of our walk-in bathtubs have been rigorously tested, installed and enjoyed in homes throughout the country.  Carefree Bathing walk-in baths are designed to fit into our Canadian homes and lifestyles.  We pride ourselves on getting to know and understand our customers, so no matter where you live in Canada we’re here to assist you.  We look forward to helping you choose the product that’s right for you.

Bathe in comfort and safety

It can be challenging to step in and out of conventional bathtubs.  There’s no need to miss out on the comfort and health benefits of genuine bathing any longer. Transform your bathroom with a high quality, attractive Carefree Bathing walk-in bathtub.  Take advantage of a warm, deep bath to help alleviate everyday aches and pains.  Many of our clients enjoy using a warm, deep bath to get relief from arthritic pains, poor circulation, muscle tension and joint discomfort.

Versatile and practical, your walk-in bathtub is also a walk-in shower.  For those times when you need a quick, invigorating shower, Carefree Bathing offers you the ideal bathroom fixture. Enjoy a shower while seated or standing, or treat yourself to a long, deep, luxurious soak while the heated air-jets surround you with gentle bubbles for a relaxing, full-body massage.

Carefree Bathing At-a-glance
Easy to use – The low-level entry, contoured door makes stepping in and out of your walk-in bath a breeze, and the lever handle door lock is secure and easy to open and close.
Safe – The anti-slip floor gives you safe, secure footing, and the high seat makes it easy to sit down or stand up.  You also have the option to take a stand-up or sit-down shower.
Private Spa – Enjoy the health benefits of a relaxing hydrotherapy air-massage anytime, right in your own home.
Solid – No leaking thanks to the chrome support frame and durable door seal.  For extra protection, the door opens inward to ensure it stays shut when in use.
Hygienic – All hydrotherapy models have an automatic self-clean feature to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.  No scrubbing or harsh cleaners required!
Selection – Choose from three beautifully designed models to meet your specific needs and the design and layout of your bathroom.
No structural changes – All models replace most existing bathtub or large shower stalls.
Personal service – We get to know our customers and make sure you find the product that is right for you.
Value – Enjoy and stay in the home you love, safely and independently.  Bathe whenever you want – in a comfortable, relaxing Carefree Bathing walk-in bathtub.