Carefree Bathing Walk in Bathtubs

Your own private spa -The amazing benefits of hydrotherapy

Imagine the enjoyment of a walk-in bath with a hydrotherapy spa right in your own home, easing tension and soothing painful joints and muscles.

Feel the warm water gently pulsate, melting away stress and strain. You’ll step out of your bath easily and confidently, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. An in-line heater keeps you comfortable and warm, so sit back and savour a long, luxurious soak. Unlike a traditional water-jet tub, which can exert uncomfortable pressure, our air-massage feature creates thousands of tiny bubbles to give you a deep, relaxing, full-body hydro massage. Your massage can be as gentle or as vigorous as you wish, just set your preference at the touch of a button. Hydrotherapy is considered an aid to increased circulation and blood flow, and is used by many to reduce muscle swelling and stiffness, and to relieve pain associated with arthritis.

If you don’t want to get undressed and take a full bath, you can always enjoy a relaxing leg or foot massage by filling the tub with only a few inches of water and turning on the hydrotherapy. Lean back and enjoy a soothing massage for your aching feet and legs. Use a cool footbath to refresh tired feet after a long day. Imagine a wellness and relaxation retreat in the comfort of your very own home! Up to 24 warm air-jets surround your body with “champagne bubbles” for a blissful hydrotherapy massage. We can help you choose the ideal options for you.

Clean, Safe and Easy to Maintain

Carefree Bathing’s air-jet hydrotherapy system allows you to keep your bathing environment clean, mildew-free and hygienic without any extra maintenance, cleaning or harsh chemicals.

The self-clean feature eliminates any trace of water from the spa jets. Blowing heated air out of the jet nozzles prevents the build-up of bacteria, mould and mildew. For safety, each jet has its own check-valve to prevent water from backing up into the hydrotherapy system. All hydrotherapy controls are within easy reach and are simple to use.



Benefits of hydrotherapy


Bliss at the touch of a button


Jet design for variable massage


Self cleaning jets