Carefree Bathing Walk in Bathtubs

Model Selection – Choose the model that fits your needs

Carefree Bathing offers you different walk-in bath models to meet your specific needs and to work within the existing layout of your bathroom.

The compact Nisa fits into the smallest of spaces and includes a 12-jet air massage hydrotherapy spa. This compact beauty allows you to take a regular shower whenever you choose, with space to sit and soak any time you wish.

By far, our most popular and versatile Walk-in Baths are the Freedom and Supreme models. The quality of these Carefree Bathing walk in bathtubs is unsurpassed by any other Walk-in bath on the market. They are feature-rich with options like a 24-jet air massage hydrotherapy spa, a “bidet jet” to facilitate personal hygiene, chrome lever-handled faucets, thermostatic anti-scald valves, anti-slip floor and seat, and a convenient, practical hand-held shower with adjustable slider bar.

Each of these baths is available in your choice of a right or left-hand model to adapt your new walk-in bathtub to your existing bathroom layout.

Nisa 42″ length 26″ width 36″ height
Freedom 52″ length 26″ width 41″ height
Supreme 52″ length 30″ width 41″ height

Special options and accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories to complement your new walk-in bath, such as hand-held showers, curtain rods, floor to ceiling support poles, or wall-mounted safety bars. We can personalize your bathroom to meet your requirements. Talk to us about how to make your bathroom beautiful and functional. Check out the Accessories section for more detail.

Click here to access our file which begins the process of selecting the right model for you.



Compact Nisa being prepared for installation


Freedom installation


Supreme custom installation


Trillium with Power Lift in Up position


Trillium with Power Lift in Down position