Carefree Bathing Walk in Bathtubs

Carefree Bathing At-a-glance
Easy to use – The low-level entry, contoured door makes stepping in and out of your walk in bath a breeze, and the lever handle door lock is secure and easy to open and close.
Safe – The anti-slip floor gives you safe, secure footing, and the high seat makes it easy to sit down or stand up.  You also have the option to take a stand-up or sit-down shower.
Private Spa – Enjoy the health benefits of a relaxing hydrotherapy air-massage anytime, right in your own home.
Solid – No leaking thanks to the chrome support frame and durable door seal.  For extra protection, the door opens inward to ensure it stays shut when in use.
Hygienic – All hydrotherapy models have an automatic self-clean feature to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.  No scrubbing or harsh cleaners required!
Selection – Choose from three beautifully designed models to meet your specific needs and the design and layout of your bathroom.
No structural changes – All models replace most existing bathtub or large shower stalls.
Personal service – We get to know our customers and make sure you find the product that is right for you.
Value – Enjoy and stay in the home you love, safely and independently.  Bathe whenever you want – in a comfortable, relaxing Carefree Bathing walk-in bathtub.

Practical and Durable


Steel frame on all our tubs

Our specially designed walk-in bathtubs feature a chrome plated steel support frame on every model – the sturdiest, most durable construction available. This exclusive frame provides strength and stability, prevents leaking and ensures your walk-in bath will provide you with many years of comfortable, safe, and independent bathing and showering.

We offer different models to meet your specific needs – all at fair and competitive prices. Besides enjoying a worry-free, relaxing bathing experience, a walk-in bathtub is a practical investment in your future. Stay in your own home, and be comfortably independent. Please read on to find out more about how you can enjoy a Carefree Bathing experience today.

Solid, dependable construction – Perfectly engineered


Inward opening door with long lock

All Carefree Bathing walk-in baths are designed and manufactured using a perfectly engineered combination of fibreglass for strength and stability, and a high-quality durable gel coat for a rich and lustrous finish.  This combination makes your new walk-in bath virtually maintenance-free. With a gentle wipe from you, it will retain its hand-polished gloss and lustre for years to come.

Quality that stands the test of time


Bidet jet to facilitate personal hygiene

No worries about leaking from the door seal.  Our inward opening door ensures there is no stress on the full-length, stainless steel door hinge. In fact, the water pressure from inside the filled bathtub, plus Carefree Bathing’s door locking mechanism join forces to keep the door tightly closed. But that’s not the only protection. The marine-quality rubber door seal bounces back to its original shape every time the door is re-opened.  You are assured of a safer, more secure, leak-proof seal.  Simple science and smart technology working together means peace of mind for you.

Easy and safe to use – Features designed with you in mind


Conveniently placed grab bar inside

Whether you want a relaxing soak, a therapeutic hydrotherapy spa experience or a quick, rejuvenating shower; our walk-in bathtubs have been carefully designed to provide a safe, independent and pleasant experience.

The low-level entry ensures you can enter and exit the bath easily, without assistance. Opening inward, the contoured door allows you to walk right into the tub, and sit down.  You don’t have to stay standing as you close the door. The contoured, cut-away door glides easily over your knees so there’s no need to twist your legs out of the way. The door is locked securely by pushing lightly on the levered handle. The specialized, marine-grade rubber door seal provides you with a watertight bath fixture you can use with confidence day in and day out.

Temperature controlled and slip-resistant


Wide drain for fast dependable draining

Each and every walk-in bath has a slip-resistant floor assuring you safe, secure footing.  The built-in molded seat is also slip-resistant, allowing you to relax and sit comfortably. The comfortable 17.5” seat height also makes it easy to sit down and stand up. The handheld shower wand and shower accessories give you the choice of sitting or standing while you shower.

Water temperature can be pre-set to your preference at the time of installation, so you are never in danger of scalding yourself. You can enjoy a perfect bath every time without having to adjust the water temperature.

And when you finish, your Carefree Bathing Walk-in Bathtub drains so quickly there’s no chance of getting a chill while waiting to get out. Unlike narrow mechanical drains used in other bathtubs, our no-fail drains are open and unobstructed – so you’ll never be waiting in a tub full of water