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Features and Options

Features and Options

Enjoy the safety, ease, and convenience of a walk-in bath

Whether you want a relaxing soak, or a quick, rejuvenating shower, our walk in bathtubs have been carefully designed to provide a safe, independent, and truly pleasurable experience.

Easy to enter
The low-level entry lets you enter and exit the bath easily, without assistance. Opening inward, the contoured door allows you to walk right into the tub and sit down. The door glides over your knees to close, and locks securely and easily by simply pushing on the lever handle.
Safe and slip-resistant
Each walk in bath has a slip-resistant floor to ensure safe, secure footing. The built-in moulded seat is also slip-resistant, and the comfortable 17.5” seat height makes it easy to sit down and stand up. If you like to shower but are concerned about standing in the tub, the handheld shower wand gives you the ability to sit down while you shower. The shower wand holder is custom installed on every tub at exactly the right spot for you to reach without standing up. Each bathtub also comes with a wall-mounted grab bar that is also positioned at the right height for you. Our Supreme and Trillium models include an additional interior grab bar for increased safety.
Always the right temperature
Walk-in bathtubs are equipped with anti-scald thermostatic valves to keep water temperatures safe, allowing you to pre-set the water temperature at the time of installation to enjoy the perfect temperature every time you bathe. And thanks to our wide, no-fail drains, the bathtub empties quickly so you won’t get a chill while waiting to get out.

Create a customized bathing experience

Transform your bathroom into your own private spa by choosing all the options, or just add a few select enhancements to create that comfortable and luxurious bathing experience you’ve been longing for.

Soothe aching joints and muscles with hydrotherapy
Air and water jets work to ease tension and soothe painful joints and muscles with the healing power of water by turning your bath into a hydrotherapy spa. An in-line heater keeps you comfortable and warm, while up to 24 warm air-jets surround your body with thousands of gentle “champagne bubbles” to give you a relaxing, all-over massage.
Stay warm and cozy with a heated back rest
Keep extra warm as your bath fills and empties by adding a heated back rest to your step in tub. With an automatic shut off and adjustable temperature, your heated back rest also keeps you comfortable while indulging in a relaxing foot soak. Simply fill the tub with a few inches of water, lean back, and let the heat penetrate your back and shoulder muscles, and enjoy!
Melt away stress with chromatherapy
Chromatheraphy is a centuries old practice of using colours to help relieve pain and stress. Enhance your personal well-being by adding coloured chromatheraphy lights to your bathtub to create different light patterns to soothe or stimulate your body and mind.
Sweeten the air with aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is an ancient healing treatment that uses the scent of natural plant oils to promote health and wellness. Lie back and relax as our innovative aromatherapy system releases healing fragrances from essential oils while you bathe.
Brighten up your surroundings
Install our stylish, modern, easy-to-clean acrylic tile wall panels on top of your existing tiles for an affordable, new look around your bathtub. Guaranteed to brighten up your mood along with freshening up your bathroom.
Accessorize your bath!
Make your bathroom even more beautiful and functional with our wide range of accessories. Add grab bars and floor to ceiling support poles for extra safety and security. Install an adjustable slider bar to create a stand up shower, and put in a curtain rod to add a jazzy new look to the décor. As us about the many ways to tailor your easy access bathtub to your specific taste and preferences.

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