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Dreaming of a new bathroom with an accessible walk-in bathtub where you can pamper yourself and bathe safely?

While Carefree Bathing in Mississauga has grown to be a leader in safe step-in bathing solutions and accessible shower projects, our roots in the bathroom renovation field run deep.

Let us know if you have any specific installation or design goals when you are choosing one of our walk-in baths or accessible showers. Our in-house, professional installation team of licensed tradespeople are pros at finding creative ways to meet your needs and offer unique design ideas to renovate your entire bathroom with an eye to form, function, and style!

From installing wider doors and non-slip floors, replacing your vanity and toilet, or adding lighting to brighten a dim corner, we can help you create a beautiful, modern look for your bathroom while ensuring it provides the safety, comfort, and independence you are looking for.

step in bathtub for seniors