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Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in Bathtubs in Mississauga and the surrounding area

Feel confident with our unsurpassed quality

Walk In Tub and Shower

Each Carefree Bathing walk-in bath has a stainless steel support frame – the sturdiest, most durable construction available – and is manufactured with fibreglass for strength and stability and a high-quality durable gel coat for a rich gloss finish. The result is a virtually maintenance-free bathtub requiring only a quick wipe to remain sparkling clean.

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Take a safe step towards personal cleanliness

Besides taking a luxurious soak, all our versatile walk-in bath models let you enjoy a shower while seated or standing. Each walk-in bathtub is great for seniors. Feel safe and secure every time you bathe or shower with the help of handy grab bars to enter and exit, non-skid floors, and anti-scald thermostatic valves that ensure your water temperature is always safe.

Experience luxurious comfort and safety

Make each time you bathe a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience by transforming your bathroom into your own private spa. Pamper yourself by adding options such as hydrotherapy bubbles, soothing aromatherapy, or a heated backrest to create even more pleasure and comfort every time you bathe.

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Choose your walk-in tub model to fit your needs. Enjoy bathing again with a beautifully designed walk-in bathtub.

Select from our wide variety of elegant step-in tubs and add special features to create accessible, safe bathing that fits within the existing layout of your bathroom.

Escape the everyday by bathing in the best walk-in tub in Mississauga and the surrounding area.

We have five types of easy-access bathtubs with a door – all designed to fit your unique needs. Available in right or left-hand versions, each model can be easily adapted to your existing bathroom layout and comes with a matching end panel or extension box for a seamless, elegant finish.

Our most popular walk in tub

Besides being one of our largest models, the deluxe *Supreme* comes with a variety of exclusive features, such as chrome lever-handled faucets, an interior grab bar, and a towel bar on the door. For those times you want to shower, the Supreme has a hand-held shower wand and holder that we install in the perfect position so you can reach for the wand and shower sitting down. If you prefer a stand-up shower, we can add an adjustable slider bar to the holder

Small bathroom? No problem!

Have you downsized to a smaller house or retirement home? Our Freedom tub for seniors contains many of the same great features of the Supreme but is built with a slightly narrower construction for smaller bathrooms. For even smaller spaces, the compact Nisa is the perfect solution for a safe step into comfortable bathing.

Slide in and relax! Don’t let limited mobility stop you from bathing on your own

If you have very limited mobility, the Trillium slide-in tub for seniors is designed especially for you! The large outward swinging door gives you plenty of space to enter the tub on your own, or with assistance. You can also be lowered into the tub with a Hoyer lift or patient transfer lift. Like all our models, it has a special anti-slip floor and a 17″ high anti-slip seat to keep you safe and comfortable. There is also a built-in grab bar for added safety.

Our largest model for extra room and comfort

The Yukon walk-in bath has a spacious interior and is extra easy to enter. The wide, inward opening curved door allows for ample room at your hips, while gliding easily over your knees to close from a seated position. With a built-in grab bar, non-slip floor, and 17” high seat, showering and bathing in this bariatric tub is safe, secure, and comfortable. You can choose a right or left drain, end panels or an extension box, and the adjustable heavy-duty leveling legs to ensure installation in almost any space.

Nisa 42″ length 26″ width 36″ height
Freedom 52″ length 26″ width 41″ height
Supreme 52″ length 30″ width 41″ height

Solid, dependable leak-free construction

Never worry about leaks thanks to the stainless steel support frame and durable marine-grade rubber door seal on every one of our step-in tubs. For extra protection, the door opens inward to ensure it stays shut when in use. In fact, the water pressure from inside the filled bathtub, plus Carefree Bathing’s secure door locking mechanism, keeps the door tightly closed every time. Each bath is fully water-tested at our Mississauga facility for 24 hours prior to your installation date to ensure a water-tight seal.

No structural changes to your home

From snug bathroom corners to three-sided bathtub alcoves – our high-quality products fit into most bathtub or large shower stall spaces. Our team of licensed electricians, plumbers, and tradespeople install everything you require, make the necessary alterations, and then remove and dispose of all debris. We also keep disruptions to a minimum by completing most jobs in one to two days.

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Just give us a call and we’ll visit you in your home to do a free, no obligation consultation and quote. We’ll show you how you can enjoy the freedom of bathing in a clean, safe environment without having to give up your privacy and independence. You can also make a private appointment to visit our Mississauga showroom and get a first-hand look at how our products and services can enhance your bathing experience.

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